Centralized Master Bidders List - HUB Directory Search

The CMBL is a master database used by State of Texas purchasing entities to develop a mailing list for vendors to receive bids based on the products or services they can provide to the State of Texas. Manufacturers, suppliers, and other vendors wishing to furnish materials, equipment, supplies, and services to the state should register for the CMBL to receive bidding opportunities. The information in this database is published in compliance with Texas Government Code §2155.263 and §2161.064, and Texas Administrative Code §20.107 and §20.293.

The CMBL/HUB Directory Search is automatically defaulted to "CMBL Only" to perform a search for vendors, including Texas certified HUBs who have elected to register on the CMBL. Purchasing entities use NIGP Class and Item Codes within the "Multiple Vendor Search" feature to identify vendors who can provide the products or services they want to purchase, and to develop mailing lists of vendors to receive bids.

For detailed explanations of the various search and data output features (i.e., Search For, Single Vendor Search, Multiple Vendor Search, Business Category / Vendor Location Search, Select Fields For Output, Output Options) that may be used to create lists of potential vendors as well as retrieve detailed information on a specific vendor, click CMBL/HUB Directory Search Tips.


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