Commodity Book

09/22/2023 05:54:59 PM

Commodity Book

09/22/23 05:54:59 PM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  990

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
990-05 *Alarm Services
990-10 Armored Car Services
990-18 Bomb and Explosives Disposal Services
990-22 *Card Access Security Services
990-25 *Crime Prevention Services
990-27 Crossing Guard Services
990-28 *Document Recovery Services, Disaster, Including Paper Documents, Film, Tapes etc.
990-29 *Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Planning Services
990-30 Disaster Relief Services
990-31 *Dispatching Services, Including Fire, Police and Medical Services
990-32 Driver's License Services
990-33 Drug Detection Services, Including Use of Drug Sniffing Dogs
990-36 Emergency Facility Support Management
990-37 Emergency Medical Services, Including Emergency Ambulance Services, (See 948-12 for Non-emergency Ambulance Services)
990-38 *Emergency Personnel Recall Service
990-39 *Emergency Systems Monitoring Service, Including Alarms and Operational Readiness Reporting
990-41 Fingerprinting Services
990-42 *Fire Alarm and Safety Services, Including Installation of Equipment
990-43 Fire Fighting Services, Oil and Gas Wells (See 952-44 for other Fire Fighting Services)
990-46 Guard and Security Services
990-48 *Identity Theft Protection and Data Security Services
990-49 *Incident Management Response Services, Including Patient Tracking, Responder Credentialing, Asset and Inventory Management
990-50 *Installation of Security and Alarm Equipment
990-52 *Investigative Services
990-57 *Lie Detection Services
990-58 Lifeguard Services
990-60 Disaster Site Clean-up and Recovery Services
990-67 Patrol Services
990-68 Playground Safety Certification Services
990-70 *Polygraph Testing Services
990-75 Rescue and Search Team Services
990-77 Safety Training and Awareness Services, Including Highway Safety, Boating, Seat Belt, CPR and AED Training
990-78 Security Services, Hazardous Waste Site
990-79 Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services, Security, Fire, Safety and Emergency
990-80 *Surveillance Services
990-90 X-Ray Film Badge Services
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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