Commodity Book

09/28/2023 02:51:14 AM

Commodity Book

09/28/23 02:51:14 AM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  928

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
928-04 Accessories Maintenance and Repair, (Not Otherwise Classified)
928-10 Alignment and Wheel Balancing, Including Front-End Repair
928-12 Ambulance and Rescue Vehicles Maintenance and Repair Services, Including Major Components and Accessory Items
928-15 Automobile and Other Passenger Vehicles Maintenance and Repair (Not Otherwise Classified)
928-19 Body and Frame Work, Including Undercoating
928-23 Brake Maintenance and Repair
928-24 Buses, School and Mass Transit Maintenance and Repair
928-25 Charging Station Services
928-27 *Communications Systems, Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Including Installation and Removal Services
928-29 Conversion of Gasoline Fuel Systems to Alternative Fuel Systems Including Maintenance and Repair Services
928-30 Cooling, Heating, and Ventilating System, A/C System, Hoses, Water Pump, Radiator, Heater and Accessories, Ventilation, etc. Maintenance and Repair
928-33 Customizing Services, Vehicle, Including Armoring of Vehicles, Handicapped and Van Conversions, etc.
928-35 Drive Train, Clutch Assembly, Flywheel, etc. Maintenance and Repair
928-38 Electrical, Alternator and Generator, Battery, Ignition System, Lights, etc. Maintenance and Repair
928-40 Exhaust System Maintenance and Repair
928-43 Fuel Site Maintenance and Repair
928-44 Fuel System Maintenance and Repair
928-45 Fueling Services, Mobile, Vehicle
928-46 Glass Replacement and Repair Services, Windshield and Window, Automotive, Including Window Tinting Services
928-47 General Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle (Not Otherwise Classified), Including Oil Changes, Lubrication, Guaranteed Maintenance Programs, etc. (See 928-88 for Tune-Ups)
928-49 Hydraulics Pump, Hydraulic Motor, Valves, Gauges, etc. Maintenance and Repair
928-51 License Identification System, Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
928-54 Machine Shop Services, Automotive Type (See 929-48 for Industrial Type)
928-55 Motor Homes and Recreational Vehicles, Maintenance and Repair
928-56 Oil Collection Services, Waste
928-57 Painting, Vehicle
928-58 Parts Washing Services
928-60 Power Plant, Engine, Belts, Heads, Intake, Rebuilding, etc. Maintenance and Repair
928-64 Reconditioning and Refurbishing Vehicles
928-65 Retrofitting Vehicles to Reduce Emissions and Improve Air Quality, Complete Service Including Parts Where Necessary to Meet Specifications
928-67 *Road Services, Vehicle, Including Mobile Repair Services
928-76 Suspension, Axles, Springs, Steering, etc., Maintenance and Repair
928-82 Tire and Tube Mounting, Repair, Retreading, and Rotation, Including Tire Foam Filling Services
928-84 Trailer Maintenance and Repair (Not Otherwise Classified)
928-85 Transmission, Main, Transfer Case, Chain and Final Drives Maintenance and Repair
928-86 Truck and Van Maintenance and Repair (Not Otherwise Classified)
928-87 Truck Maintenance and Repair, Heavy
928-88 Tune-ups
928-91 Upholstery Maintenance and Repair
928-92 Vehicle Inspection and Testing Services, Emissions, etc.
928-93 Washing, Waxing, Polishing, Steam Cleaning, Disinfecting, Decal Removal, etc.
928-94 Wheel Maintenance and Repair
928-95 Welding Services, Automotive Transportation
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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