Commodity Book

09/22/2023 04:07:49 PM

Commodity Book

09/22/23 04:07:49 PM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  825

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
825-03 Animal Dips and Sprays
825-05 Back Scratchers and Oilers
825-06 Bee Keeping Equipment and Supplies, Agriculture
825-08 Blankets, Livestock
825-09 Boots, Hoof, Animal
825-11 Branding Crayons, Paints, Paint Pellets, Pistols, etc.
825-13 Branding Irons
825-14 Calf Pullers, Obstetrical
825-16 Castrators
825-19 Chains, Halters, Leaders, Nose Rings, Straps, Bits, etc.
825-20 Chin-Ball Marking Devices
825-22 Chutes, Corrals, Livestock Holding Pens, etc.
825-25 Dehorners
825-26 Disinfectants, Animal Pens, Creosote, etc.
825-29 Drench Guns
825-31 Farrowing Stalls
825-34 Feeders, All Kinds, Except Troughs
825-36 Feeder Troughs, Dishes, etc.
825-37 Feedlots
825-39 Grooming Equipment and Supplies: Brushes, Clippers, Currycombs, Docking Supplies, Nippers, Trimmers, etc.
825-42 Harness, Ewe Marking
825-45 Hog Holders
825-48 Hog Ringer Pliers and Rings
825-51 Horn Trainers and Weights
825-54 Immobilizers and Accessories: Guns, Loads, Syringes, etc.
825-58 Lariats
825-62 Nipple Pails
825-65 Prodders, Shock Type
825-69 Recycled Stockman Equipment and Supplies
825-72 Shearing Equipment
825-75 Slappers and Whips
825-76 Stockman Equipment and Supplies, (Not Otherwise Classified)
825-78 Tags, Ear, Neck, etc., Tagging Accessories, Chains, Fasteners, Pliers, etc.
825-81 Tattooing Equipment and Inks
825-85 Vacuum Cleaners, Cattle
825-90 Waterers, Except Concrete Troughs
825-93 Weaners
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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