Commodity Book

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Commodity Book

07/20/24 01:26:44 AM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  600

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
600-02 Accessories, Calculators, Electronic
600-03 Accounting and Bookkeeping Machines, Not Data Processing
600-05 Adding Machines
600-08 Addressing Machines, Computer Driven Only, Direct Print Type Only and Accessories (See Class 015 for Supplies)
600-11 Addressing Machines, Embossed Plate Type and Embossing and Imprinting Machines, and Accessories (See Class 015 for Supplies)
600-14 *Braille Writers and Printers
600-15 *Calculators, Electronic, Display and Printing Type, Programmable (See 305-06 for Surveying Type)
600-16 Calculators, Electronic, Display and Printing Type, Non-Programmable
600-17 Calculators, Electronic, Display Type, Non-Programmable
600-19 Calculators, Electronic, Display Type, Programmable
600-21 Calculators, Electronic, Printing Type, Non-Programmable
600-22 Calculators, Electronic, Printing Type, Programmable
600-25 Calculators, Mechanical
600-27 Cases, Typewriter
600-30 *Cash Registers and Cash Drawers
600-33 Change Makers, Coin and Bill Counters, Money Handling Machines, etc.
600-35 Check Writing Guide for the Writing Disabled, Including Writing, Endorsing, and Depositing plus Traveler Check Capabilities
600-36 Check Machines: Protection, Signing, Writing, etc.
600-37 Copy boards, Electronic
600-38 Copy Machines, Bond, Plain Paper Type Including Parts and Accessories
600-39 Copy Machines, Analog
600-40 Copy Machines, Coated or Treated Paper Type, Including Parts and Accessories
600-41 *Copy Machines, Engineering, for Reproduction and Design Production
600-42 Copy Machines, Including Parts and Accessories
600-43 *Copy Machines, Digital-Networked
600-44 Copier Vending Machines, Accessories and Supplies
600-45 Copy Machines, Thermal Type, Including Parts and Accessories
600-46 *Copy Machines, Digital
600-47 *Copy Machine Add-On Accessories
600-48 Counterfeit Scanning Devices (Including Detector Pens)
600-49 Court Reporter Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
600-50 Counting Devices: Ticometers, etc., Paper, Tickets, etc. (See 600-33 For Coins)
600-51 Detacher, Forms
600-52 Dictating Machines; Transcription Machines
600-54 Dictating Machine Accessories and Supplies
600-56 *Duplicators, Digital
600-57 Duplicating Machines and Accessories, Mimeograph Type
600-58 *Election and Voter Equipment and Supplies, Electronic and Non-Electronic
600-59 Duplicating Machines and Accessories, Spirit Type
600-60 Electronic Reference Equipment, Organizers, etc.
600-61 *Fax Machines, Parts and Supplies (See Class 726 for Industrial Type and Class 645 for Paper)
600-62 Folding Machines
600-63 Folding/Inserting/Sealing Machines
600-64 Ink Rollers, Office Machines
600-65 Inserting Machines
600-66 Label Dispensing Machines and Accessories, For Continuous Form Labels
600-67 Letter Extraction and Insertion Machines, Mailroom
600-68 Letter Openers, Electric
600-69 *Micrographics Equipment and Supplies
600-70 Machine Repair Tools, Office
600-71 Mailing, Packaging, and Shipping Machines, Including Packaging Material Dispensing Machines
600-72 *Multi-Function Office Machines, Combination of Fax-Copier-Scanner-Printer, etc.
600-73 Office Machines, Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies, Recycled
600-74 Perforating Machines
600-77 Postage Meters
600-79 Poster Making Machines and Equipment
600-80 Postage Meter Supplies
600-81 Postage Stamp Vending Machines, Accessories, and Supplies
600-82 Shredders, Paper and Media
600-83 Stenographic and Stenotype Machines, Accessories, and Supplies
600-84 Teletype Machines and Parts
600-85 Telegraph Equipment, Parts and Supplies
600-86 Typewriters, Including Parts and Accessories
600-87 Typewriters, Electronic, Accessories and Parts
600-88 Typewriters, Manual, Accessories and Parts
600-89 Typewriters, Memory: Typewriters with Memory for Data Storage and Retrieval, Not Microcomputer System Style
600-90 Typewriters, Portable, Accessories and Parts
600-92 Typewriters, Specialized: One-Handed, Large Type, Accessories and Parts, etc.
600-95 Validating Machines
600-97 Vacuum Machines (Specifically Designed for Office Equipment)
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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