Commodity Book

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Commodity Book

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State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  570

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
570-02 Alloy Coatings and Sealers for the Repair of Metal Shafts, Journals, Spindles, etc.
570-03 Alloy Metal: Angles, Sheets, etc. (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-05 Aluminum: Bars, Plates, Posts, Rods, Sheets, Siding, Strips, Structural Shapes, Tubes, etc.
570-06 Aluminum, Brass and Bronze Ingots
570-07 Bar Stock, All Kinds (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-08 Bolt and Stud Stock, Steel
570-09 Brass and Bronze: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570-11 Brass Ingots (Inactive, please see commodity code 570-06 effective January 1, 2016)
570-12 Bronze Ingots
570-13 Bushing Stock, Brass and Bronze
570-14 Cast Iron, Primary and Semi-Finished
570-16 Crayons, Metal Worker's
570-17 Coil Stock
570-18 Copper: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570-19 Cutting Rod
570-21 Decking, Steel
570-22 Earth's Metals, (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-23 Expanded Metal, Not Stainless
570-24 Expanded Metal, Stainless
570-25 Forms, Metal: Concrete Curbs, Columns, and Gutters
570-26 Foil Stock
570-27 Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
570-28 Guard Rails and Accessories: Bolts, Posts, Terminal Ends, Washers, etc. (See 540-73 for Wood Posts)
570-29 Iron: Angles, Bands, Plate, Sheets, etc.
570-30 Ingots, (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-31 Lead: Bulk, Granulated, Strips, etc., Not Plumbing or Paint
570-32 Key stock, All Sizes
570-33 License Plate and Blanks (Inactive, please see commodity code 570-34 effective January 1, 2016)
570-34 License Plates Complete, Purchased Through Bid Process
570-35 Magnesium Alloy: Bars, Ingots, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570-36 Metal, Perforated
570-37 Magnesium Alloy Ingots (Inactive, please see commodity code 570-11 effective January 1, 2016)
570-38 Metals, Alkali (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-39 Nickel
570-40 Ornamental Ironwork
570-42 Pig Iron Ingots
570-44 Posts, Steel: Delineator Markers, Mile Markers, etc.
570-45 Posts, Metal, Other Than Steel
570-46 Post-Tensioned Type Reinforcing System, For Concrete Slabs
570-47 Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, etc. (See 175-19 and 260-52 for other uses)
570-48 Rails, Railroad, Steel
570-50 Scrap Metals, All Kinds
570-52 Shafting: Bronze, Monel, Stainless Steel, Steel, etc.
570-54 Sheet Metal, Fabricated, Custom-Made Sheet Metal Items
570-56 Sheet Piling, Steel
570-57 Shim Stock
570-62 Spring Steel
570-64 Stainless Steel: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, Tubes, etc.
570-65 Steel Bridge Truss, Overhead
570-66 Steel, Cold Rolled: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, and Strips
570-68 Steel, Fabricated: Beams, Gabions, Gratings, Walkways, Window Bars, and Custom-Made Steel Items
570-70 Steel, Galvanized: Bars, Pipes, Not Plumbing, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570-72 Steel, Mild: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, Tubes, etc.
570-76 Steel, Reinforcing, Bars and Rods
570-77 Steel, Reinforcing, Mesh
570-78 Steel, Reinforcing, Fabricated
570-79 Steel Siding
570-80 Steel Sheets, High Carbon, For License Plates, etc.
570-81 Steel Studs, Dry Wall
570-82 Steel Wire Panels: Partitions, Window Guards, etc.
570-83 Structural Shapes, Other Than Steel: Angles, Channels, I-Beams, etc.
570-84 Structural Shapes, Steel: Angles, Channels, I-Beams, etc.
570-85 Tin
570-86 Titanium
570-87 Tool Steel: Bars, Drill Rod, Flat Stock, etc.
570-88 Tile, Metal (Inactive, please see commodity code 135-81 effective January 1, 2016)
570-89 Transition Metals (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-90 Tubing, Mechanical, Steel: Rectangular, Round, Square, etc. (See 570-91 for Structural Tubing)
570-91 Tubing, Structural Grade
570-95 Zinc: Anodes, Sheets, etc.
570-96 Recycled Metals and Related Items
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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