Commodity Book

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Commodity Book

09/28/23 02:24:58 AM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  475

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
475-05 Apnea Equipment and Supplies, Sleep
475-06 Atomizers and Nebulizers, Pocket Size
475-08 Bags, Physician and Nurse
475-09 Bandages (All Types): Adhesive Tapes, Dressings, Plaster of Paris, and Surgical Gauze (Including Casts)
475-10 Bath Systems Complete, Patient
475-11 Blades and Handles, Surgeons'
475-12 Body Parts for Transplanting, Artificial and Human
475-14 Brush-Sponges, Scrub Brushes, and Dispensers
475-15 Brushes, Specialized, Instrument Cleaning: Tracheal Tube, etc.
475-16 Catheters, IV: Around Needle, Inside Needle, and Winged Vein Sets
475-17 Catheters and Urinary Drainage Systems, Plastic and Rubber
475-18 Catheters, Specialized and Guide Wires
475-19 Cement and Tape Remover, Surgical
475-20 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, For Infectious Body Fluid
475-21 Care Supplies, Patient (Not Otherwise Classified)
475-22 Clips, Wound, Not for Use in Automatic Suturing Instruments
475-24 Collection Systems, Suction, Disposable
475-26 Crushers and Cutters, Tablet
475-27 Cotton and Rayon, Surgical, Dry or Impregnated With Germicide)Applicators, Balls, Padding, Swabs, etc.
475-28 Debridement Products and Supplies
475-29 *Diabetes Test Kits, Including Syringes
475-30 Decubitus Pads: Sheepskin Shearlings, Synthetics, etc.
475-31 Dispensers, Hospital (Not Otherwise Classified)
475-32 Disposals, Sanitary Napkin
475-33 Dermatome Blades, Cement, and Tape
475-34 Disposal Systems, Non-reusable: Blades, Hospital Waste Containers, Needles, Syringes, etc.
475-35 Electrodes, Grounding Pads, Lead Wires, and Electrode Gel, For Monitoring Devices, Disposable
475-36 Glassware: Bottles, Prescription and Nursing; Glasses, Medicine; Jars, Ointment and Dressing; Vials, Medicine, Specimen, etc.
475-37 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Equipment and Supplies: Response Kits, Life Support Kits, Trauma Kits, etc.
475-39 Glove Powder and Detergents
475-40 Grafts and Implants, External
475-41 Gloves and Finger Cots, Medical Type
475-42 Grafts and Implants, Internal
475-43 Height Measurement Devices
475-44 Hosiery, Orthopedic and Surgical
475-45 Hospital Tubing and Accessories, All Types
475-47 Identification Supplies, Patient
475-48 Instrument Cleaners: Instrument Milk, Detergents, Lubricants, Rust Inhibitors, etc.
475-49 Instructional Aids and Training Programs, Medical (See Class 345 and/or Class 785 for Manikins and Models)
475-50 Lancets, Blood
475-51 Lymphatic Equipment and Supplies, Mapping, Navigator, etc.
475-52 Medical Ergonomic Instruments and Equipment
475-53 Medical I.D. Bracelets, Tags, etc., for Hospital Patients and Medical Emergency
475-54 Medical Documentation Forms, Charts, Labels, etc.
475-55 Medical Examination Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
475-61 Needles, Specialized: Amniocentesis Type, Biopsy, Spinal, Surgical, etc.
475-62 Operating and Examining Apparel, Disposable: Capes, Caps, Examination Paper, Gowns, Masks, etc.
475-63 Ostomy Care Products
475-64 Paper Goods: Diapers, Medication Blister Cards, Pillow Cases, Sheets, Wiping Tissues, etc.
475-65 Pads, Sterile, Impregnated, For Topical Applications
475-66 Packs, Pads, and Drapes, Surgical: Lap Sponges, OB Pads, etc.
475-67 Personal Items: Applicators, Corn Plasters, Safety Pins, Suspensories, Tongue Blades, etc.
475-68 Paramedic Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
475-69 Pharmaceutical Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
475-70 Plastic Ware: Bottles; Prescription and Nursing; Cups, Medicine; Jars, Ointment and Dressing; Vials, Medicine; Specimen, Sickness Bags, etc.
475-71 Protective Wall and Corner Guards Installed in Health and Nursing Facilities, For Patients Safety and Protection
475-72 Recycled Hospital Accessories and Sundry Equipment and Supplies
475-73 Rubber, Fabric, and Plastic Goods: Cadaver Bags and Shrouds, Ice Bags, Sheeting, Tubing, Water Bottles, etc.
475-74 Sets, Procedural, Disposable: Catheter Care, Enema, Irrigation, Surgical Prep, Surgical Scrub, Suture Removal, Urine and Stool Collection Kits, etc.
475-75 Stopcocks and Adapters, Reusable
475-76 Stopcocks, Disposable
475-77 Sterilizing, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Supplies: Biohazard Bags, Indicators, Sterilizing Tapes, Tubes, Wraps, etc.
475-78 Sutures and Suturing Needles, Disposable, Including Skin Staplers, Skin Closures and Supplies
475-79 Surgical Bougies, Sounds, Obturators, etc.
475-80 Syringes and Needles, Hypodermic, Reusable
475-81 Surgical Support Supplies Including Post-Surgery (Not Otherwise Classified)
475-82 Syringes, Hypodermic and Irrigation, Disposable, and Hypodermic Needles
475-83 Tissues, Body
475-84 Trauma Packs and Kits
475-85 Thermometers, Clinical; Sheaths and Dispensers, Including Electronic
475-86 Trays, Preparation
475-87 Tracheotomy Equipment and Accessories, Including Tracheal Tubes, Masks, etc.
475-88 Utensils, Sickroom: Aluminum, Enamelware, Stainless Steel, etc., Bed Pans, etc.) (Inactive, please see commodity code 475-90 effective January 1, 2016)
475-89 Utensils, Sickroom, Fiber: Bed Pans, Preparation Trays, Pill Bottles, etc.(Inactive, please see commodity code 475-90 effective January 1, 2016)
475-90 Utensils, Sickroom, Aluminum, Enamelware, Fiber, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Bed Pans, etc.
475-93 Vaccination Needles and Devices, Including Immunology Equipment
475-95 Vacuum Blood-Collecting Sets, Tubes, Tube-Holders and Needles
475-97 Vaginal Speculums and Dilators, Disposable
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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