Commodity Book

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Commodity Book

09/22/23 06:05:22 PM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  450

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
450-01 Adhesives and Sealants (Not Otherwise Classified)
450-02 Adhesives, Rubber and Silicone
450-03 Adhesives: Glue and Glue Guns, Gum, Paste, etc.
450-04 Baling Wire and Ties
450-05 Barrel or Drum Stands
450-06 Batteries, Dry Cell, Except Communications Radio and Electronic
450-07 Battery Chargers
450-08 Bins, Cabinets, and Shelves, Metal, Not Office Type
450-09 Bins, Cabinets, and Shelves, Wood, Not Office Type
450-10 Bins, Cabinets, and Shelves, Other than Metal or Wood, Not Office Type
450-11 Blocks: Snatch, Tackle, etc.
450-13 Blow Torches, Furnaces, Ladles, Melting Pots, etc.
450-14 Cabinets, Safety, Flammable Liquids, etc.
450-15 Camping and Outdoor Equipment: Camp Stoves, Cots, Lanterns (See 450-32 for Battery Types), Mantles, Sleeping Bags, Stools, Tarpaulins and Tents
450-16 Casters, All Types
450-17 Cans, Safety: Gasoline, Kerosene, Oil, etc.
450-18 Cans, Buckets, and Lids, General Purpose, Including Paint Cans and Buckets
450-19 Chain Hooks, Links, Cold Shuts, Shackles, Slips, etc.
450-20 Cans, Food and Beverage Packaging
450-21 Chain, All Types: Coil, Link, Machine, Sash, Tow, Weldless, etc.
450-22 Cloth, Hardware
450-23 Coasters and Cups, Furniture
450-24 Cords and Ropes Including Accessories: Cotton, Manila, Nylon, Sisal, etc.
450-25 Cords, Power, Electrical
450-26 Door Closers, Escutcheons, Eyes, Hangers, Holders, Overhead and Sliding Door Hardware, Panic Hardware, Thresholds, etc.
450-28 Drawer Glides, Rollers, Tracks, etc.
450-30 Electric Fence Controllers and Accessories
450-31 Flashlights and Spotlights, Security Type
450-32 Flashlights and Lanterns, Battery Type, (See 450-15 for Fuel Types)
450-33 Funnels and Spouts, All Types, Except Glass
450-34 Garbage Cans, Containers and Racks
450-35 Glides, Furniture (Inactive, please see commodity code 450-36 effective January 1, 2016)
450-36 Hasps, Hinges, Hooks, Knobs, Latches, Pulls, Shelf Brackets, Swivels, Furniture Glides, 070etc.
450-37 Hardware Accessories: Mounts, Patches, Plates, Seats, Shoes, Stays, etc.
450-38 Heaters, Salamander Type
450-39 Holders, Broom and Mop
450-40 Horseshoes, Horseshoe Nails, Farrier Tools, and Blacksmith Tools
450-41 Hardware and Related Items (Not Otherwise Classified)
450-42 House and Building Numbers and Letters, All Kinds
450-44 Ice Chests, Portable, Thermos Bottles, etc.
450-46 Incinerators, Industrial
450-47 Knives, Pocket
450-48 Ladders, Fiberglass, All Types (See Class 340 for Fire Ladders)
450-49 Ladders, Metal, All Types (See Class 340 for Fire Ladders)
450-51 Ladders, Wood, All Types (See Class 340 for Fire Ladders)
450-52 Ladders, Extension, (See Class 340 for Fire Ladders)
450-53 Loadbinders and Tie Downs
450-54 Levelers and Jacks for Ladders
450-55 Locks, Key Blanks, and Locksmith Tools, Including Time Locks
450-56 Machine Finishing Compounds, Layout Fluids, etc., For Metals
450-57 Mailboxes and Supports
450-58 Nails, Brads, Concrete Nails, Masonry Nails, Spikes, Staples, Tacks, etc. (See 559-79 for Railroad Track Spikes)
450-59 Measuring Devices for Cable, Hose, Rope, etc.
450-60 Oilers, Hand
450-61 Pails, Buckets, Tubs, etc. (See 450-34 and 450-87 for Other Types)
450-62 Pads, Equipment Foundation, All Types, Including Recycled Type
450-63 Pulleys and Sheaves
450-64 Recycled Hardware and Rubber Products
450-65 Refuse Carts, Chutes, Containers, and Holders (Commercial)
450-66 Rope Slings, Halyards and Lanyards (See 765-93 for Wire Rope)
450-67 Rubbish Burners
450-68 Rubber, Not Recapping or Tire, Including Structural Rubber Shapes
450-69 Rubber, Scrap or Waste
450-70 Sash and Window Hardware, (See Class 150 For Casement Type)
450-72 Scaffolding, Sectional, Including Work Platforms
450-73 Security Seals
450-74 Shaft Couplings, Flexible and Rigid
450-75 Shutters, Inside and Outside Types (Inactive, please see commodity code 870-35 effective January 1, 2016)
450-76 Solder and Babbitt Metals
450-77 Tarpaulins and Tents, Commercial Weight (See 450-15 For Recreational Type), (See 065-84For Truck Body Type)
450-78 Traps and Snares, Animal
450-79 Steps, Portable
450-80 Trench Braces and Column Clamps
450-81 Tarpaulins, Large Scale Projects, Includes Installation
450-83 Trunnions
450-86 Water Repellents
450-87 Water Bags, Cans, Jugs, and Kegs
450-88 Wire and Accessories, Clothesline
450-89 Wheelbarrows
450-90 Wire Cloth, Screen, All Metals
450-91 Wire, General Purpose Tying and Wrapping, Including Parts and Accessories
450-92 Wire and Cable, Mechanical
450-93 Wire Stretchers
450-94 Wire, Non Electric, Iron, Steel, Nonferrous Metal
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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