Commodity Book

09/22/2023 03:50:30 PM

Commodity Book

09/22/23 03:50:30 PM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  240

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
240-07 Aluminum Ware: Cooking Utensils, Dishes, Trays, Pots and Pans, etc.
240-14 Beverage Servers, All Types, Including Decanters
240-17 Cast Iron: Cooking and Frying Pots and Pans, etc.
240-20 Table Ware: Plates, Bowls, Cups, and Saucers
240-21 Chinaware
240-23 Condiment Shakers, Dispensers, Covers, etc.
240-24 Cookware, Pots and Pans
240-28 Cutlery: Knives, Spatulas, Steels, etc.
240-35 Cutting Boards
240-42 Enamelware: Small Cooking Utensils, Pots and Pans, etc.
240-49 Flour Sifters, Light Duty
240-56 Glassware, Table
240-63 Kitchen Utensils; Small: Basters, Corers, Ladles, Pastry and Vegetable Brushes, Peelers, Scoops, Tongs, Turners, etc.
240-66 Meal Servers, Insulated
240-70 Plastic Ware: Dishes, Pots and Pans, Trays, Non-Disposable Type (See 640-60 for Disposable Type)
240-74 Recycled Dishes, Utensils, etc.
240-77 Silver Burnishing Equipment and Scouring Pads, All Types
240-84 Silverware: Flatware, Tableware, etc.
240-87 Silverware and Dishes, Specialized, Self-Help Feeding Type
240-91 Stainless Steel Ware: Cooking Utensils, Flatware, Tableware, Trays, Pots and Pans, etc.
240-93 Storage Boxes, Food
240-95 Thermometers, Cooking and Oven
240-96 Timers, Mechanical
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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