Commodity Book

07/20/2024 02:22:44 AM

Commodity Book

07/20/24 02:22:44 AM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  175

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
175-03 Aprons and Gloves, Laboratory: Plastic, Rubber, etc.
175-06 Bacteriological Plugging Material, Cotton or Synthetic
175-08 Balances and Accessories, Laboratory
175-10 Burners, Heat Guns, Hot Plates With or Without Stirring), Mantles, etc.
175-11 Cells and Cuvettes, Photometry and Spectrometry
175-12 Ceramic Ware, All Types, Laboratory
175-13 Chemicals, Laboratory: ACS, CP, Practical, Reagent Grade, etc.
175-14 Chromatography Supplies: Developing Tanks, Columns, Packing, Septums, TLC Plates, etc.
175-15 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Laboratory
175-16 Cocktails (Solutions), Liquid Scintillation
175-17 Containers, Liquefied or Compressed Gases, Laboratory Sizes: Dewar Flasks, Gas Cylinders, Lecture Bottles, etc.
175-19 Crushers and Grinders, Metal and Stoneware: Ball Mills, etc.
175-22 Dialysis Equipment and Supplies: Cells, Fittings, Membranes, Motors, Tanks, Tubes, etc.
175-23 DNA or RNA Acids Nucleic, etc.: Including Extraction, Purification, Quantification and Sequencing Equipment
175-24 Dishes, Evaporating and Other Metal Vessel, (See Class 175-71 For Platinum)
175-25 Drying Equipment, Laboratory
175-27 Electrode Sensing Meters and Electrodes: Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Specific Ion, etc.
175-28 Electrophoresis Supplies: Gel Materials, Plates, Strips, Tubes, Wicks, etc.
175-29 Extraction, Digestion, and Distillation Apparatus, Specialized: Kjeldahl, Soxhlet, etc.
175-32 Filtering Apparatus and Filters, Liquids
175-33 Filter Paper and Membranes
175-36 Furnaces and Heaters, Laboratory
175-39 Glass Pipe and Fittings, Laboratory
175-40 Glassware, Laboratory, Custom-Made, Specialized Fabrication Only
175-42 Glassware, Laboratory, Stock Only
175-44 Glassware Washing Compounds
175-46 Holders, Glass Tube
175-47 Hydrometers and Pyconometers, Glass, Laboratory
175-48 Incinerators, Laboratory
175-49 Interval Timers and Actuators, Electrical and Mechanical
175-51 Ion Exchange Materials: Liquids, Resins, etc.
175-53 Laboratory Equipment, General
175-54 Laboratory Supplies: Asbestos Squares, Corks, Files, Glass Cutters, Ring Stands, Stopcock Grease, Tongs, Wire Gauze, etc.
175-55 Melting Point Apparatus, Laboratory
175-57 Metal Ware, Laboratory
175-60 Ovens, Laboratory
175-62 Papers, Laboratory
175-65 pH Buffer Solutions, Indicators, and Papers
175-66 Pipette Pullers (Inactive, please see commodity code 175-67 effective January 1, 2016)
175-67 Pipetters, Pullers and Dispensers
175-68 Plastic Ware, All Types
175-70 Porcelain Ware, All Types
175-71 Platinum Ware: Boats, Crucibles, Dishes, etc.
175-72 Precious Metals, All Forms, Including Salts: Gold, Platinum Group Metals, and Silver
175-74 Reagents and Chemicals, Ultrapure, Meeting Higher Standards than Ordinary Reagent Grade, etc.
175-75 Refractometers
175-76 Recycled Laboratory Accessories and Supplies
175-77 Sand, Cement Testing
175-78 Screening and Sieving Apparatus and Accessories: Riffle Samplers, Sieve Shakers, etc.
175-79 Solvent Reclaiming Unit, Cleaning
175-80 Stainless Steel Ware, All Kinds
175-82 Stirrers, Blenders, Homogenizers, Mixers and Shakers
175-84 Stoppers, Rubber and Synthetic
175-85 Syringes, Manual and Automatic, Laboratory
175-87 Thermometers, General Laboratory Type
175-88 Transformers, Variable, Laboratory Type
175-89 Tubing, Plastic, All Types, Laboratory
175-90 Tubing, Rubber, All Types, Laboratory
175-91 Tubing, Steel, Laboratory
175-92 Tubing, Glass, Laboratory
175-93 Water Baths and Steam Baths, Except Recirculating and Shaking
175-95 Water Purification Apparatus and Treatments, For Distilled, Reagent Water, etc.
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