Commodity Book

09/22/2023 06:06:01 PM

Commodity Book

09/22/23 06:06:01 PM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  140

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
140-03 Bands, Wire, Broom
140-05 Blocks, Brush
140-06 Broomcorn
140-09 Broom Manufacturing Machinery and Parts
140-12 Broom Manufacturing Tools
140-15 Brush Manufacturing Machinery and Parts
140-18 Brush Manufacturing Tools
140-21 Caps, Handle, Whisk Broom
140-24 Dyes, Broom
140-27 Ferrules, Handle, Metal
140-30 Ferrules, Handle, Plastic
140-33 Fibers, Bass
140-36 Fibers, Bassine
140-39 Fibers, Horsehair
140-42 Fibers, Mixed, Union Mixture
140-45 Fibers, Palmetto
140-48 Fibers, Palmyra
140-51 Fibers, Plastic and Synthetic
140-54 Fibers, Tampico
140-66 Mop Manufacturing Machinery and Parts
140-69 Mop Manufacturing Tools
140-75 Rag, Broom
140-76 Recycled Broom, Brush and Mop Supplies
140-78 Tie Tape, Mop, Nylon
140-81 Twine, Broom
140-84 Wire: Broom, Brush, and Mop
140-87 Yarn, Mop Head, Cotton
140-90 Yarn, Mop Head, Synthetic
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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