Commodity Book

07/20/2024 02:14:33 AM

Commodity Book

07/20/24 02:14:33 AM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  120

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
120-05 Agitators, Fish Tank
120-08 Airboats and Inflatable Boats
120-09 Anodes, Including Parts and Accessories
120-10 Anchors
120-11 Animal Capture Guns and Accessories
120-12 Bait, Fish
120-13 Battery Boxes and Battery Chargers, Marine
120-14 Barges
120-15 Bells, Ship
120-16 Bilge Pumps and Boat Bailers
120-17 Control Systems, Boat, Ship, Marine, Environmental
120-18 Boat Components (Not Otherwise Classified)
120-19 Boat Fenders
120-20 Boat Ramps and Parts
120-21 Boats, 21 Feet and Under
120-22 Boats, Recreational (Not Otherwise Classified)
120-23 Boats, Over 21 Feet, Including Ferries
120-24 Boats, Pedal and Pontoon
120-25 Bridges, Passenger Loading
120-26 Buoys, Marker
120-27 Bollards, Mooring Devices
120-28 Communications Equipment, Marine
120-29 Camels, Structure to Lift Submerged Vessels
120-30 Canoes and Kayaks
120-31 Cranes, Container
120-32 Chiller, Water, Large Flow Capacity to Chill Hatchery Water
120-33 Depth Finders or Indicators
120-34 Culture Equipment and Supplies, Fish, Aquaculture; Pisciculture
120-35 Docks and Piers, Fixed and Floating: Dock Systems, Gangways, Marinas, Wharfs, etc.
120-36 Electrical Parts and Accessories, Marine
120-37 Fish Locators and Shockers
120-38 Fish and Marine Life Incubators, Accessories and Related Equipment
120-39 Fish Tanks, Holding and Transport
120-40 Fuel Tanks, Boat
120-41 Gates, Safety, Marine
120-42 Gauges, Marine
120-43 Hydraulic Systems, Marine
120-44 Hardware, Fittings, Parts, and Supplies, Boat, Except Spark Plugs
120-45 Hatcheries, Ranches, and other Fishery Resources
120-46 Hatching Equipment, Fish, Including Jars and Standpipes
120-47 Lifeboats, Sailboats and Dinghies
120-48 Life Preservers
120-50 Lights, Beacon and Signal
120-52 Lights, Marine Navigation, Boat
120-53 Line Throwing Apparatus, Rocket
120-54 Marine Equipment and Supplies, Recycled
120-55 Minnow Tanks
120-56 Motor and Engine Parts and Accessories, Miscellaneous, Marine
120-57 Motors, Marine, Electric
120-58 Motors, Inboard, Diesel, Marine
120-59 Motor Conversion Unit, Outboard Propeller to Jet Water Drive
120-60 Motors, Inboard, Gasoline
120-62 Motors, Outboard, Diesel
120-63 Motors, Outboard, Gasoline
120-64 Navigation Instruments, Marine: Compasses, Sextant, etc. (See Class 220 For Electronic Navigation Equipment)
120-65 Nets and Repair Supplies, Marine
120-67 Nets and Repair Supplies, Wildlife Trapping
120-70 Paddles and Oars
120-71 Pontoons, All Types
120-72 Positioning Systems, Global, Marine
120-73 Preservatives, Net
120-74 Pumps, Marine
120-75 Propellers (For Inboard and Outboard Motors)
120-76 Rigging and Rigging Gear for Ships
120-77 Rocket Charges and Cannons, Wildlife Trapping
120-78 Rafts
120-79 Reefer, Refrigerator Boat or Ship, Including Parts and Accessories
120-80 Rods, Reels and Tackle Supplies
120-81 Reach Stackers and Straddle Carriers, Marine
120-82 Sails, Including Parts and Accessories
120-83 Scuba and Skin Diving Equipment
120-84 Ships, All Types: Cargo, Cruise, Salvage, etc.
120-85 Skis, Jet
120-86 Searchlights, Marine
120-87 *Towers: Observation, Hunting, etc.
120-88 Tools, Marine Hull and Engine
120-89 Underwater Vehicles, Remote Operated (ROV)
120-90 Trailers, Boat
120-91 Submarines: Exploration, Recreation, etc., (See 257-47 for Military Type)
120-92 Vegetation Control and Removal Equipment, Water
120-93 Traps, Fish
120-94 Wildlife Scare-Away Devices: Cannons, Exploders, etc.
120-95 Wildlife Scare-Away Devices, Ultrasonic (Inactive, please see commodity code 120-94 effective January 1, 2016)
120-96 Water Safety Equipment and Supplies: Rope, Float Lines, etc. (Not Otherwise Classified)
120-97 Winches and Lifts, Boat, Including Windlasses
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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