Commodity Book

07/20/2024 01:50:49 AM

Commodity Book

07/20/24 01:50:49 AM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  055

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
055-02 Air Bags, Automotive
055-04 Air Conditioners, Automotive, Including Parts and Accessories
055-05 Anti-theft and Security Devices, Automotive
055-06 Top Carriers, Automotive
055-08 Belts, Safety, Child Restraint Systems, Car Seats, Automotive
055-10 Brake Adjusters (Inactive, please see commodity code 060-14 effective January 1, 2016)
055-11 Bug Screens and Protective Shields, Automotive
055-12 Cameras, Video, Automotive
055-13 Car Seats for Infants (Inactive, please see commodity code 055-08 effective January 1, 2016)
055-15 Chains and Traction Belts, Tire, Automotive
055-16 Consoles, Police, Automobiles (Includes Controls for P.A., Sirens, Warning Devices)
055-17 Console Accessories, Emergency Response Automobiles
055-18 Controls, Physically Impaired, Automotive
055-20 Conversion Kits and Systems: CNG, LPG, etc. Gases, Automotive
055-21 Couplings and Hitches, Automotive
055-24 Cushions and Covers, Seat, Automotive
055-27 Emergency Kits: First Aid Kit, Tools, etc., Automotive
055-28 Fans, Cab (Inactive, effective January 1, 2016)
055-30 Fifth Wheels (Inactive, effective January 1, 2016)
055-32 Gauges, Automotive, Including Speedometers
055-33 Grease Guns, Automotive
055-34 Generators, 110V, Attached to and Operated by Automotive Engine
055-35 *Global Positioning Systems for Tracking Vehicles
055-36 Grille Guards and Crash Cushions, Automotive
055-37 Headlights, Lamps, Automotive, Including Parts and Accessories
055-38 Heaters, Defrosters, and Defogging Systems, Automotive
055-39 Immobilizer Devices, Automotive
055-40 Interior Trim Items, Automotive
055-43 Labeling Systems, Automotive
055-46 Lights and Lens: Back-up, Stop, Tail, and Parking, Automotive
055-48 Lights and Lens: Clearance and Marker, Including License Plate Lights, Automotive
055-51 Lights and Lens: Directional and Turn Signal, Automotive
055-54 Lights and Lens: Emergency, Flood, Trouble and Spotlights, Automotive
055-56 Lights and Lens: Miniature, Automotive
055-57 Lights and Accessories: Flashing, Light Bars, Revolving, and Warning, Including Strobe/Warning Lights, Automotive
055-58 Lights and Lens, Automotive (Not Otherwise Classified)
055-61 Mats, Floor (See 760-56 for Heavy Equipment Type), Automotive
055-64 Mirrors: Rearview, Interior and Exterior, Automotive
055-66 Moisture Separators, Automotive
055-67 Mounting Hardware: Laptops, GPS, Cameras, Electronic Devices, etc. Automotive.
055-68 Monitors, Computerized and Wireless, Including Equipment Utilization, Engine/Driver Performance, Brakes, Lights, RPM, Temperature, etc.
055-69 Organizers: Cup Holders, Tissue Dispenser, etc., Automotive
055-70 Power Takeoff, Automotive
055-72 Propane/Butane or Natural Gas Conversion Equipment, Automotive
055-74 Racks: Gun, Hat, etc., Automotive
055-75 Reel Assembly, Cable, Mounted, Automotive
055-76 Reflectors, Automotive
055-78 Seats, Including Parts and Accessories, Automotive
055-79 Sirens, Horns and Back-up Alarms, Automotive
055-82 Splash Guards, Automotive
055-83 Switches and Flashers, Automotive
055-85 Tanks, Fuel, Auxiliary, Automotive
055-86 Tanks, Miscellaneous, Including Parts and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
055-88 Tops and Covers, Short Wheelbase Vehicles
055-89 Warning Devices, Triangular, Including Slow Moving Vehicle Signs
055-90 Wheelchair Lift and Accessories, Vehicle-Mounted
055-91 Vehicle Safety Systems: Collision Avoidance and Impact Sensing, Automotive
055-95 Recycled Automotive Accessory Items
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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