Commodity Book

09/22/2023 05:22:57 PM

Commodity Book

09/22/23 05:22:57 PM

State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class  020

Revised January, 2016

NOTE: The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Class - Item Description
020-02 Backhoe, Farm Tractor
020-04 Brush and Tree Chippers
020-06 Brush Cutters and Saws, Motor Driven
020-10 Counters, Acre
020-13 Cultivating Equipment, Farm: Go-Devils, Row Type Shovel Cultivators, Tooth and Spring Harrows, etc.
020-14 Curb Edger, Heavy Duty, Tractor Mounted
020-15 Cutters and Shredders, Mowers, Heavy Duty, Flail: Tow Type and Center Mount Type
020-16 Cutters and Shredders, Mowers, Heavy Duty, Reel and Rotary: Tow Type and Center Mount Type
020-18 Dozer Blades. Farm Tractors
020-20 Drying Equipment, Grain
020-23 Ensilage Cutters
020-25 Farm Wagons
020-27 Feed Mills and Mixers
020-28 Feed Wagons
020-30 Fertilizer Applicators and Fittings: Liquid and Gas
020-31 Fertilizer Distributors, Dry, Commercial (See Class 515 for Lawn Type Distributors)
020-33 Garden Tractors, Cultivators, and Plows
020-34 Gang Mowers, Reel Type, Towed
020-35 Grain Bins and Tanks
020-36 Grading Machines for Seeds, Grains and Dried Vegetables
020-37 Grass Seed Strippers and Cleaners
020-39 Grass Spriggers and Seeders
020-40 Grinding Mills: Seed, Grain, Dried Vegetable
020-41 Harvesting Equipment: Bean, Corn, and Pea Pickers and Shellers, Combines, Cotton and Fruit Pickers, Headers, Sled Cutters and Threshers
020-43 Haying Equipment: Balers, Dryers, Elevators and Rakes, etc.
020-46 Herbicide, Insecticide and Fungicide Applicators and Distributors
020-49 Irrigation Equipment and Supplies, Agricultural
020-59 Land Levelers
020-61 Loaders, Tractor Mounted, Farm
020-62 Log Splitters
020-63 Manure Spreaders
020-64 Mower, Articulated Boom: Flail, Rotary, or Sickle Head
020-65 Mower, Steep Slope Type with Cutter Head on Telescoping Boom: Flail, Rotary, or Sickle Bar Cutter Heads, For Mounting on Tractors or Trucks (See Class 515 for Lawn Type Mowers)
020-66 Mower, Tractor Mounted, Steep Slope Type with Cutter Head on Telescoping Boom): Flail, Rotary, or Sickle Bar Cutter Heads (See Class 515 for Lawn Type Mowers)
020-67 Mower-Tractor Unit or Self-Propelled Mower, for Slope Mowing (See Class 515 for Lawn Type Mowers)
020-68 Mower, Center Mounted; and Tractor (See Class 515 for Lawn Type Mowers)
020-69 Pasture Renovators
020-71 Planting Equipment, Broadcasting
020-72 Planting Equipment, Drilling
020-73 Planting Equipment, Row Crop
020-74 Processing Machinery and Equipment, Agricultural
020-75 Posthole Diggers, Tractor Mounted
020-76 Protection Structures, Rollover (ROPS)
020-77 Pulverizers and Rotary Tillers, Soil
020-78 Recycled Agricultural Equipment Accessories and Supplies
020-79 Rock Pickers and Rakes
020-80 Processing Machinery and Equipment Agricultural Environmental: Anerobic Digesters, Waste to Energy
020-81 Rodent Control Equipment, Tractor Operated
020-82 Spade, Tree (Truck or Trailer Mounted, or Three-Point Hook-Up for Tractor Mounting) and Other Tree Transplanting and Diggers
020-83 Sweeps and Other Steel Shapes
020-84 Soil Mixers and Samplers
020-85 Terracing Equipment
020-87 Tillage Equipment, Heavy Duty, Farm: Blade Plows, Disc Harrows, Listers, Rotary Hoes, Tool Bars, etc.
020-89 Tractors, Farm, Wheel Type
020-90 Tree and Root Cutters and Stump Grinders, Tractor Mounted
020-91 Tree Girdlers and Timber Tongs
020-93 Umbrellas, Tractor
020-95 Unloaders and Elevators, Grain
020-96 Wedges, Steel, Tree Felling and Splitting
020-98 Operations/Grounds Field Equipment less than $750
020-99 Other Operations/Grounds Field Equipment over $5,000
(*) Automated Information Systems (AIS)
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