Franchise Tax Account Status Help Detailed Instructions

To determine a taxable entity's franchise tax account status, begin at the Taxable Entity Search page. You can search by:

  • Texas taxpayer number (11 digits, begins with 1 or 3);
  • Federal Employer's Identification Number (9 digits);
  • Entity Name
  • Texas Secretary of State Filing Number

After a successful search, you will be able to:

  • Print franchise tax account status
  • View Public Information Reports
  • Return to the search page
Information obtained from a record or other instrument required by Texas Tax Code Chapter 171 to be filed with the comptroller is confidential and not open to public inspection. The exception is the Public Information Report.

Information contained in a Public Information Report filed with the Comptroller is specifically designated as not confidential by Tax Code Section 171.207. Public Information Reports are filed by corporations, limited liability companies, professional associations and limited partnerships.

You can search these reports through this site. If you get no results from your query, you can order a copy of the Public Information Report from or by mail at Comptroller of Public Accounts, Open Records Section, PO Box 13528, Austin, Texas 78711.

Call (800) 252-1386 for assistance.

Note: General partner, registered agent and registered office changes must be filed with the Secretary of State. These changes cannot be made by filing a Public Information Report (Form 05-102).